• We will may ask to make a deposit when you make your booking.
  • Is NOT necessary a credit card for the rental.
  • The payment methods are Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash for the rental amount and all extras.

Driver and License Requirements

  • All driving licenses which have been issued within the European Community will be accepted.
  • International driving licenses (IDP) will be accepted.
  • Minimum age 23* years, maximum age 72* years.
  • All other National driving licenses must be accompanied by a valid International Drivers Permit.
  • Drivers must have held a full license for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Drivers must also show their passport on collection as additional proof of identity.

Included in your booking cost

  • Mileage Allowance

The Vehicle is provided with an unlimited Kilometer/Mileage Allowance except up two days rentals (150klm per day).

  • Third Party Liability Insurance

Third party motor liability insurance is provided in accordance with local legislation. More information is available locally.

  • Roadside Assistance

24 hour roadside assistance is provided.

  • Taxes & Surcharges/span

Your booking includes all local taxes and premium location fee.


  • Insurance against liability:

A. To third parties for death and injury

B. Material damages to third parties

C. Fire of the vehicle

D. Car assistance

E. Legal protection

  • In case of accident, you must contact the police and report the incident immediately, and submit a copy of the police report, the rental agreement to the rental location.

Damage Waiver (CDW – FDW- WUG)

  • CDW is included in the booking cost and reduces your financial liability up to a maximum 800€ for cars and 1500€ for Mini Bus. Furthermore, the renter can limit his responsibility up to 0€ using FDW, by paying 8€ per day additionally for cars and 15€ for Mini Bus. Finally YassouRent provides WUG insurance which covers damages to wheels, tires, glasses or damages caused to the underside of the car by paying the daily amount of €4 for all car groups. The above insurance doesn’t cover damages caused by violation of the Greek traffic law.
  • Exceptions to CDW – FDW – WUG insurance. YassouRent in any case is not obligated to replace a flat tire or damages in music devices (radio, CD/mp3 player). YassouRent will not refund money for accommodation, telephone calls, or taxis. YassouRent is not liable for anyone driving: under the influence of alcohol/drugs, causing deliberate damages, off road, without caution and responsibility, and contravene traffic laws. Any not reported damages or accidents to the vehicle may be regarded as negligence and charges to the renter may apply.

Theft Protection (TP)

Is included in the booking cost. In the case of theft or fire, you must contact the police and report the incident immediately, and submit a copy of the police report, the rental agreement and the Vehicles keys to the rental location. Responsibility is non-waiverable in case of theft or damages due to a theft attempt (excess apply). Theft protection does not apply beyond the rental date agreed. The renter in any case is responsible for his personal belongings in or outside the car and they are not insured.

Online booking

Every booking made through the website of YassouRent is only valid when confirmed by email from YassouRent company. YassouRent company upon confirmation of a booking via the website informs about all relevant procedures, so that the reservation take effect. The reservation is only valid when fulfilled all procedures laid down as a requirement to the confirmation message.

The following are paid locally by you

Fines and Penalties

You are responsible for the cost of any parking fines or other penalties incurred whilst the Vehicle is on rent to you. YassouRent will pass the relevant charge on to you plus any administrative expenses.

Out of Hours Charge

Out of hours service between 23:00 to 07:00 o’ clock are available with an extra charge of 20 euros.

Millage Charge

For up to 2 days, 150km/day. The extra mileage costs 0.25€/km for cars and 0.50€/km for mini bus.

Late Returns

If the Vehicle is returned later than the time specified in the voucher, YassouRent will apply a charge.

Accessories – Cost per day

  • Child seat: 3.00 Euros per day
  • Navigation system: 5.00 Euros per day

Additional Drivers

  • Any additional drivers are arranged for and paid for locally and are not included in the basic rental price. Additional drivers must present either passport or 2 forms of ID in addition to drivers licence.
  • Minimum/Maximum age restrictions apply.

Cancelation policy

24 hours prior to arrival no cancelation fee is required, less than 24 hours a cancellation fee equal to the deposit given at the time of reservation/confirmation is required.


Fuel is paid by client and must return the vehicle with the same amount as he collected or the difference will be charged locally.

Border Restrictions

Vehicles are not permitted to be taken out of Greek borders.